About Huey

We want every child to find a book they love to read. ❤️

We’re an edtech startup based in Sydney.

We've developed conversational interfaces and book algorithms to create a 'bookbot' that makes it fun for children to find books they love.

Encouraging children to read is a complex art that involves the whole community - librarians, teachers and parents at the very least. We think our bookbot is bit of an icebreaker. A way in which a child can communicate what they like and get the help they need, to find a book they love.

Our story

May 2019
We made our first bookbot kiosk prototype out of LEGO and showcased it at the Children’s Book Council of Australia Conference. We needed feedback from librarians and publishers.
November 2019
We launched our first bookbot at the State Library of NSW to help children find books in the new Children's Library.
March 2020
A school pilot started in two NSW public schools in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education and Dymocks Children's Charity.

Meet our award winning team

Meena Tharmarajah
Co-Founder, CEO
Caroline Kinny-Lewis
Co-Founder, COO
Joshua Landy
Full Stack Engineer
Zainab Alasadi
UX Engineer