Get children reading with a book they'll love.

Easily find books that match a child's interests and reading ability.

We've recommended over 50,000 books 📚 in schools and libraries.

Fun and easy

Huey asks a few fun questions, then shows a list of books to enjoy.


Huey looks great on mobile, tablets and desktops, so it can be used at home or in the library.


Books are matched to a child based on age, reading ability and interests.

Beyond genres

We carefully look at the style and tone of a book so that we go beyond traditional genres.

We’ve seen a 42% increase in 
students borrowing books.

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Tested in school libraries

We work with schools and public libraries to make sure Huey the bookbot suits the needs of its child readers, has the right tone, and gives the best recommendations.

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Created for children

Designed especially for 5 -12 year olds. A child is asked fun questions about the things they like, then they get a list of books they will enjoy. Younger children can use Huey with their parents.

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Reading enjoyment

A wealth of research tells us when children enjoy what they read they have better educational outcomes, increased fluency, improvements in maths and greater wellbeing.

What educators and librarians are saying...

"Students who did not normally visit the library were coming in at lunchtime to use the bot and borrow books because it was fun."

Georgia Constani
School Principal,
McCallums Hill Public School

"This will provide an engaging, browsable area for children and families to explore the breadth and diversity of our unique children’s literature collection. "

Paula Bray
DX Lab Leader,
State Library of NSW

"I was talking to a Stage 3 teacher who told me the book bot chose some books for one of the girls in her class - she said she had never seen the little girl read a book from cover to cover like that before."

Cathy Drury
Teacher Librarian,
McCallums Hill Public School
Schools and Libraries

Huey the bookbot is free for schools.

Help children find books in your collection, and understand the kind of books your cohorts are looking for.